Monday, December 20, 2010

If Christmas is your Birthday

I joke with my wife every time the conversation comes up. "Do you remember when the doctor told us Sean was going to be born on Christmas?"

I don't have to think for long because it is something that poises on my consciousness all the time; all year long. If the conversation or thought comes up I know where the file is and I retrieve it quite fast. The memory that my son was born on Christmas is something I would never had thought of before the moment I found out.

There's some self indulgent comedy or self-praise in the telling of the story. You see, when we were with the Obstetrician for our visit to confirm our pregnancy a question was posed to Mrs. Walsh.

"When was your last cycle Mrs. Walsh?"

I cringed at the question as I usually do when confronted with obviously private questions of innards. But as the pause stretched into an obvious faux paux I found the courage to compete to the answer.

"March 21st." I blurted out and cupped my mouth as soon as the date escaped my mouth.

"I mean.." "right, honey?"

"It was somewhere in there.." "The 21st."

I don't remember how long it took for our Dr. to tell us but I remember it wasn't long. Like the time it takes to look down at what your writing as you write a date and then look up to spill the beans.

"You're going to have a Christmas baby." and we're now officially doomed... Poor Sean.

Tomorrow I'm going to finish this tale, tell you about his birthdays and then think up a plan once and for all for the Birthday boy or girl born on Christmas.

Francis Walsh
Houston Banquet

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