Friday, June 12, 2009

Send a Letter to Mom

Thought this time of year does not evoke thoughts of holiday cheer, this is the perfect time to write home to mom to tell her how much she means to you. Gourmet Traditional & Herbal Teas

There was a story about one mom who received a regular letter from her don every month. She knew that when letters would not come that something was wrong. Sure enough, the times that would cause her to call out to her child would prove to be the times he or she needed their mom the most. Why so many of us forget to write our mothers is something that cannot be explained. They are, after all, our moms.

My mother raised the four of us kids the hard way...she lost her husband to an untimely death and had to learn about life the hard way. She did everything she could to give us what we needed, even of that meant we had to go without some of the little things. Her time was better spent working and surviving and we missed out on some of the special times between children and mom that cannot be given back.

So here's to my mom. The one I love, the only mom I have. Now how about you> is your mom ready for a nice letter from you? Even if things are going great. Even if times are hard. We need to surround ourselves with love. It works.

So the holiday of the season this time of year is the holiday of mom. Give her something she'll love. A little time with you.