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A Flesh Farewell Trilogy

The author extends an invitation to read the first in a trilogy of Flesh Farewell fictional works from the new breakthrough writer Damian Walsh.

The virgin release of "Carne Vale" has been released on facebook to fans of fictional suspense and thrills. The first book comes out of the heart of New England, in the spring of life Rick Waters is heading for a fate much like his oldest brother Paul.

Rick Waters left town with a carnival to escape the sentence handed down on his twenty first birthday by a judge in Palmer. He was going to be free, but at what cost.

The district courthouse in Three Rivers, Massachusetts could be mistaken for a small Quaker church by anyone not familiar with its use. The courtroom is part of a single floor building with an entrance at each end and one entering the middle of the building off of Main St. When it was empty of defendants and police, judges and jurors, the courtroom looked like a sanctuary.

The presiding judge sits in a raised, legal pulpit, straddled by two lower tiers. On his right sat the prosecutor and on the left a witness chair. Below them, spanning the width of this legal alter, sat the clerk of courts. The defendants for the day sit in pews. Before the start of the day the clerk does a roll call of people in attendance to organize the cases and after each defendant had been ordered to comply, the clerk would call out another name until the list was finished. Halfway through the day they called out his name.

"Rick Waters"

He slid out of the pew. There was a mark on the floor where all the defendants would stand when their case was called. As he passed through the swinging door of the wooden railing that separated the courtroom from the gallery, it creaked its announcement at the arrival of the next offender. The courtroom would become quiet as each case was heard.

The judge continued flipping through his record as Rick stood in front of the altar. They were plenty of records to look through. The prosecutor's point of view was that it was time to send Rick Waters in for some real consequences. Her recommendation was that because Mr. Waters had not completed any of his probationary duties, there was nothing keeping the court from confining him to complete the two year suspended sentence handed down ten months ago by a visiting judge.

"Your honor, Mr. Waters has been in and out of this courtroom on misdemeanor charges involving alcohol since he was approximately sixteen." "His non compliance with the terms of his probation gives us no other option but to confine him for the remainder of his sentence up to and until he completes the terms of his confinement or he completes a program of alcohol and life skills while incarcerated."

After the prosecutor finished with her recommendation the judge spoke. He looked up from the files in front of him and into the eyes of the defendant to make sure that he understood what was happening and why he was here.

"I am revoking your probation Mr. Waters." "Due to your inability to meet the demands of your probationary sentence, you must now submit yourself to confinement in the Hampden county jail for no less than six months and no more than twenty four months." "That period of confinement begins the thirtieth of January and will continue at the jail on York St. until you complete your sentence in full or are released after successfully finishing the program of life skills and alcohol abuse counseling inside of York St."

"Mr. Waters I recommend that you get your things in order." "You have five days until your sentence begins, don't do anything stupid before then." The gavel sounded and it was then that suddenly, magically, his public defender appear, if only to usher him toward the probation office.

"You're lucky, usually they just remand people right off to jail." "Make sure to check with the probation office and pay your fee before you go." "And I don't have to tell you what will happen if you don't show up in five days kid..."

As soon as he walked out of the courthou se Rick knew it was time to get out of town or he'd spend his twenty first birthday in jail and his twenty second too.

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Carne Vale by FD Walsh


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