Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Holiday of the Year

Everyone has their favorite piece of pie or person. Those things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside are things we gravitate toward; feelings of comfort. This month we get to enjoy the best holidays of the year. According to research, Christmas is the most loved holiday of the world. More people celebrate a Christmas celebration than any other. Having the spirit of Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when spirituality must share space with a celebration of the season. Christmas is loved by all because it is a holiday of giving. He who gives shall receive and that's what makes Christmas so great.

Don't Forget about Giving

The Salvation Army will be there for you to give to if you choose. The worthy cause of salvation and the army that produces it can surely be the recipient of your offerings but then there are those who may need you more than you know. Family and friends who struggle could be recognized and rewarded for their good deeds. Taking care of those around you is just as good a place to take your donation of time, love or money. Don't forget about giving to those who you really love and could use your offer.

Don't forget about God

I cannot say that my God is your God but if I know you then I probably know who you look to as God. So, with that said I should recommend that this time of year be spread with plenty of reverence and gratitude to those who made it all happen. In my case my God listens to me on a regular basis. When times are good he hears from me less often but the problems I bring are pretty much the same. If you believe Jesus was born on Christmas and was resurrected from the dead or if you believe another religion which I know less of than my own Roman Catholic teachings, then I should wish that you find time to grow closer to your God. It only reaffirms who you are to yourself and from a solid foundation great things can be accomplished with the help of spiritual hope. I hope that you get a chance to spend some time with your God this time of year.

Forget About Yourself for One Moment

I must say that at times it is hard to think about anything else but me. Now would be a good time to think about that struggle. The struggle of self and success. The struggle of making worth from an otherwise worthless situation. I came into the world free and I'll be going out free. Everything else in the middle costs.

From the moment I looked away from myself I began to see the world like I had never seen it before.

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