Tuesday, July 31, 2018

What Holidays are Left in 2018? | The Remaining Holidays are Seasonal

The 2018 Holiday Event Season is Over Booked

Turning a Down Year Around | Use the Seasons to Brighten the Mood

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2018 has been a tumultuous year at best and a down right dog fight at worst. Now that we’re through with half of summer, it’s time to begin looking at how you can brighten the end of your year with a happy, holiday event. This time of year is also the time where we look back at the time that has already been spent and if you’re like many folks planning to celebrate an upcoming holiday, you’ll want to make it something people can remember over whatever bad things got us to this point. It sounds a little political, but it’s true; the 2018 holiday season will be one where people will want to wash away the bad and welcome in the good of 2019. With that said, it will be important to follow a plan. If you do, your success rate goes up dramatically and you can be assured that your party will be one to be remembered. Once the balls starts rolling, it cannot be stopped so look below to see what’s left of the 2018 holiday schedule of observed holidays in America.

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Aug 7, Tuesday, Purple Heart Day

Aug 21, Tuesday, Senior Citizens Day

Aug 26, Sunday, Women's Equality Day

Sep 3, Monday, Labor Day, Federal Holiday

Sep 9, Sunday, National Grandparents Day

Sep 11, Tuesday, Patriot Day

Sep 15, Saturday, National Clean-Up Day

Sep 17, Monday, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Sep 18, Tuesday, Air Force Birthday

Sep 21, Friday, National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Sep 23, Sunday, September equinox

Sep 24, Monday, First Day of Sukkot

Sep 28, Friday, Native Americans' Day, CA

Sep 30, Sunday, Last Day of Sukkot

Sep 30, Sunday, Gold Star Mother's Day

Oct 1, Monday, Child Health Day

Oct 4, Thursday, Feast of St Francis of Assisi

Oct 13, Saturday, Navy Birthday

Oct 16, Tuesday , Boss's Day

Oct 31, Wednesday, Halloween

Nov 1, Thursday, All Saints' Day

Nov 2, Friday, All Souls' Day

Nov 4, Sunday, Daylight Saving Time ends

Nov 6, Tuesday, Election Day

Nov 10, Saturday, Marine Corps Birthday

Nov 11, Sunday, Veterans Day

Nov 12, Monday, Veterans Day observed

Nov 22, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day

Dec 2, Sunday, First Sunday of Advent

Dec 3, Monday, Chanukah/Hanukkah (first day)

Dec 7, Friday, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec 8, Saturday, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec 10, Monday, Last Day of Chanukah

Dec 12, Wednesday, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec 13, Thursday, National Guard Birthday

Dec 21, Friday, December Solstice

Dec 24, Monday, Christmas Eve Observance

Dec 25, Tuesday, Christmas Day

Dec 31, Monday, New Year's Eve Observance

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