Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Trends from Houston Banquet Planner

Weddings change with the times. While important events of life will remain as long as there are loves and lives to follow, how we celebrate and share these perfect moments with our family and friends. The twenty first century has not only given us more people to share our lives with, it has given us new trends in planning and celebrating special moments. There is no special moment more important than our weddings, and this year the trend is for a wedding with sleek lines and geometric synergy.

As a wedding and event planner in Houston, the Houston Banquet Planner team of professional producers has been setting the trends, not just following behind the crowd. As more brides to be in Houston are becoming more tuned in to their own needs, they are twice as knowledgeable about the process and the demand for more amenities for their money. When a bride wants the best for herself and her husband, she means she wants the best and already knows what that means.

Top Ten Houston Wedding Requests

#1 Houston Wedding Venue
#2 Houston Fine Dining Caterer
#3 Houston Quality Entertainment
#4 Houston Couture Wedding Dress
#5 Houston Private Entertainment
#6 Houston Party Rentals
#7 Houston Fondant
#8 Houston Wine and Liqour
#9 Houston Food Service Employee
#10 Houston Event Planner

Top Ten Houston Wedding Upgrades

#1 Houston Limousine
#2 Houston Groom Cake
#3 Houston Dance Lessons
#4 Houston Decorations
#5 Houston Flowers
#6 Houston Hotel
#7 Houston Travel Agency
#8 Houston Family Restaurant
#9 Houston Jewelry
#10 Houston Airport

The Houston wedding planner that can manage all these request BEFORE even laying out the best way the accomplish the bride's goals can take advantage of the new trends in Houston weddings. Leading the way will be Houston Banquet Planner, with new social tools for bride's who want to connect with their Houston Wedding Coordinator on an entirely new level through digital presentations, electronic conferencing, and social media.

Houston Banquet Planner can step into any role that supports Houston events and productions that involve participants and attendees from micro parties to national and world-wide events. Experienced vendors, planners, venues, and experience come together at the right time, every time.

Feel free to contact Houston Banquet Planner right now, the task is at hand, and you need to be sure that you did all you could to make it the very best. - Francis D. Walsh

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Birthday 2010

"My Birthday 2010 will be grand."

I don't know if you've noticed it yet, but everywhere you look there are happy people milling about. I can tell you that because we live in a nice little part of town where everyone is about the same. Happy to have kept our jobs and have more than others, especially those rich people who lost everything.

We seem to have a little more than we ever did, and if this year pans out like it should, then next year we might be able to move away from here for good. "But that's less about my party and more about life, so back to the party."

This year it will be hosted at our in-laws home. The headquarters for Team Nitrousfitz will be an excellent backdrop to the friends and family we have invited. "They all wait each year for an invitation and if we miss one, then all hell breaks loose so we just send out more than we really can expect to come." "That's how it goes anyways for us. "But we know how to throw parties already.'

"So where do we go for help on our own parties?" "We go to our friends in the business who are happy to give us what we need for each year's annual celebration of my birth." "Thank you to everyone who comes and lends a hand."

So we have the equipment and the linens ordered, the machines and music, the stage and the dance floor, the cups and plates and flatware, the host and the hostess, and all that... "But wait."

Who's got the food?"

What we usually do for our clients is to use the best regular vendors we have. That way we know what to expect and we expect a lot. What we don't do for the annual birthday of all birthdays is use any of our regular vendors. "Imagine that."

"Now is the time to find a reason to go over your list of vendors and find out who is really on top of their game. Who wants your business more than the other vendor and who will give you more for your money. "It's the principle that kept our business growing even during a down turn in the economy."

Our service is hot. Our parties are hot. Our vendors are hot. And it takes me, to make sure we are all hot together. "This is one reason why I invite all my regular vendors to the party so that they can see that our team is serious about event planning and we even go so far as to test the services we receive to be sure that our clients are not tested when it comes time to promote and produce an event for them. "Our clients come first, we come second, and our vendors have to be the best to keep our business.

The day of the event will be grand. All our friends will have a beverage and a bite to eat prior to the main meal. Our new list of vendors will be pre-screened and then menus and lists of equipment will be reviewed. Our guests will enjoy the party only half as much as me, and not just because it's my birthday but because I know that the whole day I get a chance to negotiate contracts and make new deals with my vendors during the event. "They wouldn't have known about my tactics if I didn't just write it all out here for you.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Geng Yin

Gen Yin

I sometimes find myself researching myself. If anyone should know me as well as the internet does, then I decided I would like to know what the internet knew. The internet knows that I was born in January, 1968. The internet knows my address and my telephone number ("well it thinks it does anyways."), and its advertisers know what my preferences are better than me.

If I was an alarmist, I would be scared about how much those nasty advertisers know about me. If I were "average", I wouldn't have to really worry, would I? The average person spends 4 hours a week online, while I toil years away trying to figure out how to turn this keyboard into an ATM. If I'm not worried about those damn advertisers than really, why all the hoopla about who knows what?

This whining is brought to you by the government, who at this very moment is planning on inking the next set of advertising regulations that can place your private information in more danger than it is right now. The truth of the matter is, than when you have to sort through information to decide what is "right" or "wrong", you are analyzing that information more than any algorithym that produces your advertising results today. The idea is "progressive", and you should know that the government could be planning to overwhelm the internet so that they can "fundeamentally" change it. "It's what progressives do when they are hard at work doing what they do".

So who knows me the best? Me? You? The government? I can safely say "nobody" knows me better than my own natural profile of dates and times and the freekin stars, I say this because this year is Gen Yin, "The year of the White Tiger" and this year is the perfect year to get what I want the most, productivity that pays.

The Year of the Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. It is a metal year. and as the stars will have it, if you want to accomplish something big, then this is the perfect year to get it done. I know more about myself than I did before I started this morning, so here is my Chinese New Year Resolution for Geng Yin 2010, the Year of the White Tiger. I will create enough of my own content ot begin my personal library of fiction and non fiction books and articles that will continue to produce revenues long after they are written.

Friday, January 8, 2010

01/08/10 "Publishing will never be the same."

"When the Shit Hits the Fan Which Way Will Your Fan be Pointed?" Private, On-demand content available now. will host all the chapters of "Carne Vale - Flesh Farewell" plus the subsequent volumes produced by authors writing for Our servers are designed for content produced for the web that is owned by the authors and copyright under the rules governing publicly branded orginal content. "The Flesh Farewell" trilogy will be available from the Powerfitz servers upon request, and will soon be ready for uploading onto any digital reader, Google document, or directly in your browser in website format.

"We welcome you to ask for the latest chapters emailed directly to your inbox. Subscribe to the original content posted here by sending an email to Powerfitz with "NEXT CHAPTER" as the subject so we know what to do with the request."